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Public health authorities state that there have been next to zero cases of the flu reported in Quebec and Canada since April 2020.

BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine tech has apparently helped them develop a vaccine that cures some forms of multiple sclerosis in mice. 🤯

I keep forgetting that submitting a new build for the same version of an app in TestFlight gets approved way faster than submitting a new version altogether.

Psst! WriteFreely for Mac is now in beta. Find out more here.

A screenshot of WriteFreely for Mac.

Come and take [my aggro olive oil]

Photo of a bottle of olive oil called Molòn Lavè

I wrote a thing on my old blog about moving my writing to my new blog. ✍️

Fear is a teacher.

He says things so clearly. He understands you completely. He knows what motivates you. He speaks with confidence. And he wants you to be safe.

Fear is a teacher.

She knows how to get your attention because she knows what scares you. She was there when it happened. She remembers how you got that scar and she wants no further harm to come of you. Fear is a reminder that it’s time to learn and then act.

— Rands in Repose, Fear is a Liar

Experience deeply, then reflect deeper still, and —since history always repeats itself— use your learnings to move through life with grace, confidence, and kindness.


It’s the dawn of a brand new year. The last one… well, the last one felt like a Total Dumpster Fire™️.

I deeply hope that 2021 finds you happier, healthier, stronger, and better. I’m rooting for you.

Oh you know, just working on my annual retrospective.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but the hierarchical-override approach SwiftUI takes to .disabled(_:) feels a bit… backward? Why have the parent view override the child view?