This page combines a collection of links with a policy of sorts, describing my approach to using social networks. It is a living document that will undoubtedly be updated over time.


You can primarily find me on the following social networks:

Content from this blog is syndicated out to these networks, though I tend to post a little bit more on, beyond what you'll find on this blog.

For professional networking:


I make software. Here's where you can find some of it:

I'm also trying to get back into photography, and am trying to share it more actively:

The Policy

My primary policy for my social-network interactions is simple:

Be kind to other people.

I prefer to comment over clicking a reaction button (e.g., “reply” over “like”). This extends to sharing something from another person (e.g., “quote-tweet” over “retweet”). I don't always stick to this preference.

I value earnest discussions rooted in open-mindedness and goodwill. I generally like interacting with people, but I do not suffer bad-faith arguments, trolling, or abuse. I respect people's right to ignore anything I say, and reserve that same right. After all, no one owes anyone an interaction.

I try to cite my sources and references. I try to avoid sharing content that I don't have permission to share.

I value the opinions of domain experts and lived experiences of authentic people over the “hot takes” of brands, influencers, and politicians.

Last updated: Sunday, 5 May, 2024