Wave-ing Hello to 2022 🌊

A bit of personal news: I'm kicking off 2022 in a new mobile engineering role.

As some of you may know, in a past life I completed an accounting degree and worked in small business consulting for a few years. A lot of the work could be kinda tedious, but it was worth it for the highlights: supporting small, family-owned businesses. I loved helping them get from where they were, to where they wanted to be.

But there was always a tension, a nagging feeling that I wanted to be doing something different. I wanted to create things. “Creative Accounting” being a, uh, not-great path forward, I went back to school and ended up where I am today, writing bugs code professionally (and for fun!) for about a decade now.

This week, I tied the knot between these two threads —helping small businesses thrive, and building software— having joined Wave Financial's mobile engineering team. I'm on day two of my onboarding (thanks to the great work by the People & Culture team!), and while there's a lot to take in, one thing that's fantastically clear is the enthusiasm everyone here has for empowering entrepreneurs and so-called “microbusinesses”, as well as for supporting each other.

I'll be helping the mobile team maintain existing apps and to extend Wave's mobile platform, getting the opportunity to learn new platforms (React Native! Kotlin!), and contribute to bringing their product roadmap to fruition.

I have to say, I'm very excited for what comes next.

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