Scaling Up, Doubling Down

We’re barely a month and a half into 2024, and I feel lucky to be working on things that energize me. The work is hard, the goals are big, and the focus is… getting there.

There’s plenty going on at the day job, and I’ll have more to say about that another day. I’m excited about it, as it’s moving me towards some of my key professional goals.

The other thing that’s really exciting me these days is the work I’m doing in the business. I’m learning a tonne (and sharing it twice monthly at Two Common Cents Club), and I’m developing the idea for a new project that I think will be really helpful for a group I feel particularly passionate about.

At heart, I’m an entrepreneur, and I’m especially interested in solopreneurs — tiny businesses that operate at a small scale, connecting directly with their customers, and that are often the economic lifeblood of their communities.

My skillset is in writing code. As the operator of a tiny business, I’m especially proud of the fact that I support other small, customer-obsessed, businesses that help me fashion software tools.

My other skillset is in understanding business financials. I understand that you can feel broke while your accounting software is telling you that you’re turning a profit.

I believe that the modern solopreneur has plenty of blind spots when it comes to their microbusiness’ sustainability. The tools we use for financial reporting (cf. accounting software), while necessary, are not sufficient for the kind of cash management that a microbusiness needs to survive and, more importantly, grow.

And that’s what I’m working on. I’m still in the very early market research phase, but if you’re a solopreneur and have thoughts, please reach out!