After testing the waters last week, I kicked off a running program this morning! My goal is to get to the point of jogging 5km continuously within eight weeks, and I'll share updates every so often here.

This is what's known as a couch-to-5k program (C25K), which is designed to get a complete newcomer to running to the point of being able to run five kilometers. That sounds like a nice goal for me! I don't love running, so I don't know if I have the mental fortitude to run a marathon, but I do like the results I've seen in past attempts to start such a program.

Past Attempts?

I've tried to get through a C25K program before, but somehow something always went wrong — usually, an injury of some sort. So now that I've (finally!) been cleared to run after the latest injury, I'm trying again.

This time, I've made sure to get a proper pair of actual running shoes, too, and after trying out a few options, have also settled on an app to help guide me along the way.

Week 1, Day 1

Last year, we moved close to a park that has a running track, which makes it really convenient to walk over, have a run, and walk back. So that's what I did today — a five-minute walking warmup, followed by six intervals of one minute jogging and 90 seconds of walking, and ending with another five minutes of walking to cool down. It went well, despite the extreme heat warning for today.

What's Next

A second run is scheduled for Wednesday, extending the jog/walk intervals by about five minutes, and then again on Friday. I feel great after today's run, so I think they should go by pretty well, too!