Per v1.3.0 Released

It had been seven (!) years since the last release of Per, my price-comparison app for iPhone. As of yesterday, that has been fixed.

Because it'd been so long, Per had been removed from the App Store by Apple. It caused some annoying issues during development —no TestFlight access, mainly— but I'm glad to have finally shipped the update — a full (SwiftUI) rewrite.

I'm trying something new here for monetization: in the menu, there's a “Support The App” section that lets you either buy my other iPhone app, Thought Detox, or you drop a tip in the tip jar. Three amounts are available, and they're just simple, consumable in-app purchases. Right now, they don't add any features, but I might make them unlock a link to TestFlight or something. We'll see.

And yes, as I've discussed before, a proper redesign is still underway, and I'm currently working on a patch update to clean up a couple of little annoying things.

In the meanwhile, download it for free on the App Store and let me know what you think!