Blog-Form Replies

I will always love blog-posts-as-replies.

This morning, I asked for opinions on adding signatures to blog posts. It's something I've been considering doing here for long-form posts1 like these. I visited Read later in the morning and saw that tmo had posted an article called “Angelo – yay!”.

This is what I miss about blogging communities — the ability to craft a well thought out reply to something you read elsewhere, unconstrained by a character limit, with as many links as you see fit, on your own personal space on the web. It's great.

I think there's a place for short updates, obviously. I post them here and they're syndicated out to various social networks. I think does a good job of taking that format and turning it into a timeline that fosters thoughtful conversations, too, precisely because they've combined that very social aspect of short updates and replies interspersed with long-form blogging.

And: thanks for your thoughts, tmo. Good point about useful links being more visible in a post signature than in a pinned post! 🙂


[1] I use the <!--nosig--> shortcut on to prevent (future) signatures from showing up on my short, titleless updates here.