Better Get Crackin'

Sometime overnight, I got an email from Apple's App Review team stating that I've got thirty days to submit a new version of Per or it'll be pulled from the App Store. I'm not even mad.

Fact is, the last release of Per (v1.2) was in October of 2015, well over six years ago, so that's fair enough. It doesn't fill modern iPhone screens, which is pretty much the only reason I can think of for it not meeting App Review guidelines.

The app is currently being redesigned/rewritten, though that work is happening in fits and starts. I'm currently stuck between two paths:

  1. A full v2.0 rewrite that adds a bunch of new features, which will definitely not be ready for release in 30 days; and
  2. A incremental v1.3 update that fixes all the no-longer-compiles Swift 2.0 code, fixes layout issues, and will probably be quicker to get out the door.

I guess there's a third option: scuttle a bunch of features originally intended for v2.0 and release a pared-down MVP. I'd rather not do that, though.

I've already managed to get v1.3 updated for modern Swift, so that's probably the path I'll take. It is mostly a storyboard and a huge view controller (thanks a lot, 2015 me), so I might take the opportunity to create the views programmatically. We'll see.

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