Announcing: Two Common Cents Club

On Monday, I launched a new project under the Dropped Bits umbrella: a community for entrepreneurial knowledge sharing and support. I call it Two Common Cents Club, and you can find it at

As I’ve mentioned around the social web, twelve years ago I founded Dropped Bits, Inc. In that time, it went from an administrative headache that I was sinking money into to keep afloat to a profitable business. I’ve launched a few iPhone apps that have had some small measure of success with a few thousand downloads each, and the business also handles a bit of consulting work that I do.

In other words, it’s a solid side hustle. But it’s not, in my opinion, a successful business. I go into this a little bit more in the first post on 2C³, so I won’t rehash it here, but the gist of it is this: a successful business is one where the value of what you and your customers get out of it exceeds what you put into it.

I’ll dig into this further on 2C³ —along with related and adjacent ideas— in the hopes that sharing knowledge helps you build your own successful business. Expect two posts a month: on the first, an update on how things are going, and on the fifteenth, some kind of resource: a review of a book on entrepreneurship, a how-to for tools that I use to run my business, a conversation with domain experts and other entrepreneurs.

I’m also doing something a bit different with this project. This content is shared freely, but “community” features —like being able to comment on posts, receive articles as email (and send replies), participating in AMAs, &cet. are available to Club Members only.

Membership is USD$2 per month or USD$20 per year, and the reason for that is twofold: first, to stem the flow of spam and trolls, and secondly, because I want to develop this further with things like discounts on tools and services I use to run my business, special members-only content, and other surprises.

So that’s the plan. I haven’t been writing here very often, but kicking off something new always reinvigorates old habits, right?