A Face for Radio

…and a voice for silent film.

Several months ago, Frank Courville asked me if I wanted to do a podcast. We'd talk about productivity, he said, through the lens of Apple-based developers. I figured I'd like hearing the sound of my own voice, so I agreed to try a ten-episode season and see how it goes.

(I do not like hearing the sound of my own voice. Turns out.™️)

Four months later, we released episode 1 of Make Before Break. Readers may recognize the name as that of my old blog; it made sense to repurpose it, because we're cheap and unimaginative.

It's our first attempt at this whole podcasting thing, and I was battling a bit of a sinus thing during the recording of this episode. We talk about friction — what it is, how to recognize it, and when it might be a good thing.

I hope you like it.

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